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Gunung Kelud, the pioneer in printing and packaging business in Indonesia, was established based on more than thirty-year experience in paper printing manufacturing. Thirty-seven years ago, when paper printing were still using convensional and traditional machines, we set up a company to satisfy all customer needs in paper best quality printing. Now, as technology changes so fast, we stabilize our competence through keep going improvement to follow new technology which coming out rapidly.

We are well-known printing and packaging company in Surabaya, Indonesia, which specialize in calenders, diaries, stationaries (lever are file/ochner), photocopy papers, posters, brochures, labels, greetings and postcard, shooping/paper bags, catalogues, children books, students books/note books, inner sheet for letter set/writing paper and all paper products (such as wrapping paper, etc.). In these line of business, we are using several 4 and 6 colour machines including some Roland 700 series (the latest Roland machines) and some Heidelberg Speedmaster and CD latest series complete with Online Waterbased Varnish equipment as well as post press machines like Bobst die-cutting and folder gluer machines, James Burn wire-o machines, Stahl gluing and folding machines, several Polar and Wohlenberg cutting machines, etc.

In printing division, we have marketed our own products in both local and overseas markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Autralia, Africa, UK, USA, etc as well as print story and children books for certain publishers. While in packaging division, we have supplied to some of biggest companies in UK, USA, Australia, Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia (such as banks, matches company, soap company, lenses company, consumable products company, etc) which need high quality and accurate printing result. Since printing and packaging holds very important role for products image, our company has been trusted by those companies to produce their products' packaging which are marketed in all over the world. While other factories keep making conventional-designed paper, we always try to put quality and customer satisfaction in our products through in-house design and printing which using the most sophisticated machines in the world. To support our quality and customer satisfaction, we provide a dummy and quality standard for our customers to prove. We have to make sure that every single part of our product has met the highest standard of quality.